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Workforce Health & Wellbeing

Managing the Physical & Mental Wellbeing of your workforce is critical for the productivity of work. Tracking and tracing illness is paramount.

Acumen Health & Wellbeing Software enables you to manage and monitor the wellbeing of your workforce ensuring your teams stay healthy, effective and efficient.

How Does it Work?

The Acumen Workforce Health & Wellbeing Software platform enabled you to manage the physical and mental wellbeing of your workforce whilst proactively controlling biological threats through instant alerts, notifications and education.

A combination of software modules places you in control of the your workforce wellbeing:

- Real-time alerting
- Health & Wellbeing Questionnaires
- Pre start checklists
- My Wellbeing Checks
- Hotspots & MI Tools

Business Benefits

Business now operate in a world where the mental & physical health of their work force and awareness of viruses is critical for ongoing operations. All business face a new threat from these forces that require proactive awareness, knowledge and management from all areas of the business. Key business benefits include:

- Real-time awareness of potential health threats such as viruses within the workforce.

- Ability to quickly alert the workforce of medical threats and concerns in real-time.

- Track and trace contagion and socially spreading illness.

- Respond to developing mental wellbeing issues.

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