Infusing SmartPhone technologies with Enterprise class solutions.


SmartPhone & Mobile Device Technologies

AcumenMobile Apps

AcumenMobile Apps are optimised for the widest possible native mobile devices. Apps are customised for:

- iOS iPhones
- iOS iPad
- iOS iWatch
- Android SmartPhones
- Android Tablets
- Windows Mobile Phones
- Windows Mobile Tablets

AcumenMobile App Management & Distribution

With AcumenMobile's bult in App Management Capabilities, your App distribution and management capability comes as standard at a click of a button.

Enteprise Class Server Capability

AcumenMobile Enterpise management portals, provide a robust and secure platform for communicating with your Apps, collating data and real-time reporting:

- Data Management
- Data Mapping
- Resilient Data Backup
- Micorsoft Windows Server Architecture

Security & Integration

Utilising banking and financial industry security standards, AcumenMobile delivers a robust and secure solution for your data. Combined with a set of plug and play integration options, data can move smoothly between your back end systems and AcumenMobile Apps.

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