Infusing SmartPhone technologies with Enterprise class solutions.

Enterprise Management Software

With AcumenMobile on your project, your operations and management teams will have 24*7 access to real time data direct from the field. Data can be mapped, reported and analysed from your dedicated secure enterprise management portal.

At the heart of AcumenMobile is a flexible platform that allows for customisable Applications to be developed and deployed quickly with ease to your in-field operatives.

Applications can be upgraded by utilising the in-built App Upgrade facility which comes as standard with AcumenMobile.

In-field Smart Phone Applications

Data management and analysis through the real-time cloud based enterprise databases allows management and operations to fully exploit the power of data flowing in from the field. AcumenMobile manages data from in-field Apps plus automated remote flows from internet connected monitors and instruments.

Through intelligent architecture and design, AcumenMobile delivers innovation on many levels:

- Utilisation of established iOS and Android APIs
- Capability to integrate with multiple Web Service APIs
- Fully customisable database APIs to integrate with third party applications
- Flexible facilities to integrate with plant, equipment and instrumentations via BlueTooth LE.

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