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SME Utilises AcumenMobile Vault Software to Secure Key ISO Documents

This short case study provides insights into how SME businesses can utilise AcumenMobile to securely store and access important ISO 9001 templates and business documents.

Company X Based in south-west London, employees 25 staff who are both office and home based. As an ISO 9001 registered business, the management and safe storage of ISO 9001 templates and master files is of critical importance for quality assurance.

Having been ISO 9001 registered for over 6 years, Company X had suffered on numerous occasions with staff accidentally deleting files and documents from the central file server. Recovery of said files would mean loading of backup tapes, locating files and replacing them. A service normally completed by their IT support organisation. Additionally, their home workers would be constrained to recover lost files due to network security policies and would require other staff members to complete this task for them - consuming more time and resource.

In 2006 the management of Company X decided that they required a more robust and easier recovery and backup solution for their ISO 9001 master files. AcumenMobile was tested for 15 days and then deployed with immediate real-time backup of their core files.

Utilising AcumenMobile Backup and Vault Software, Company X can easily retrieve deleted files and documents from any location. Being internet based, the solution can also be accessed by home workers without having to consume the time of other staff members retrieving files and documents.

Key Business Benefits

- Secure and safe backup of key business documents and files.
- Real-time retrieval of key business documents that have been corrupted or deleted.
- Costs of recovering lost files is drastically reduced.


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