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Site Management

Delivering on site work flows, business processes and reports for construction activity is critical for the efficient management of your sites.

Utilise the best of breed Site Management Software for real-time management of works, defects, materials and much more.

How Does it Work?

The Acumen Site Management software platform allows you to quickly build and deploy data forms, work flows and reporting tools for your construction projects in any location.

Site Managers, Supervisors, Operatives and Workforce access the forms & tools on their mobile device, record data, add photos and media, annotate sketches, read documents and submit reports direct to the cloud.

Acumen software fulfils a host of construction, utility and site management needs including but not limited to:

- Defect Management
- Materials Ordering & Management
- Pressure & Compliance Testing
- Project Management
- Timesheets & Tracksheets
- Snagging and Project Closure
- Operations & Maintenance
- Asset Registers
- Alerting & Notifications
- Document Libraries

Business Benefits

Key business benefits are delivered through the Acumen Site Management capabilities:

- Reduced site management costs

- Improved efficiencies of work force

- Reduced travel costs

- Reduction in paper usage

- Reduction in environmental damage


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