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AcumenMobile Case Studies

Secondary School Delivers Real-Time Reporting Capabilities to Parents

Read how a proactive secondary school utilises AcumenMobile Virtual Workspace and Messaging Platform to deliver real-time reporting to parents and guardians.

Secondary School ABC faced a set of common problems that the majority of schools and colleges face in the modern educational environment.

Firstly the school needed to enable students to access and upload course-work content from any location outside the school building. Secondly, the school needed to improve the communications and responsiveness of parents/guardians in the learning of their children.

Utilising AcumenMobile as a core platform School ABC was able to deploy new ICT capabilities to enable a seamless and user friendly solution for these problems. Essentially AcumenMobile capabilities would allow the school to deliver:

- Virtual workspaces for pupils to upload and download content from any location.
- A messaging platform to allow the school to send out electronic communications, messages and reports to parents / guardians about their children's progress and reports.

Key Business Benefits

- Virtual workspaces to allow pupils to upload course work and content from any location / device.
- Real-time reporting and messaging to parents and guardians on pupil progress and course work.
- Reduced costs and improvements in communications / efficiency as many manual and paper processes are removed.


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