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AcumenMobile specialist Apps for your Business

Safety Inspections
Delivering on site safety improvements
Quality Assurance Inspection Apps
Apps to record quality assurance inspections completed on site
Near Miss Apps
Apps to record Near Miss incidents on site
Hazard Reporting Apps
Application to record Near Miss incidents on site
Site Specific Risk Assessment Apps
Apps to conduct risk assessments before work starts
Materials Ordering Apps
Apps to record materials being used / received on site
Document Distribution Apps
Apps to distribute, receive and read documents on site
Service Card Apps
Apps to record gas service installations and live insertions.
Purge & Relight Apps
Apps to complete on site purge and relighting of gas appliance equipment
Asset Recovery / Asset Mapping Apps
Apps to record new / update pipe assets found underground
Powerline / Vegetation Risk Assessment Apps
Recording power line state, risk assessments and vegetation growth risk
Map Annotation Apps
Apps to annotate maps an schematics on site

More than just Mobile Apps & ERP Systems

Mains Pressure Testing Apps
Apps to record the safe and accurate capture of Mains Pressure Tests
Engineer Time / Tracksheet Apps
Recording of work completed against engineer time
Photo Capture Apps
Apps to capture photo evidence of on site activity
Reinstatement Apps
Apps to record reinstatement completed on site
Customer Complaint Apps
Apps to manage customer complaints
Stores Ordering Apps
Apps to order & record materials & plant usage on site
Vehicle & Plant Inspection Apps
Apps to conduct plant and vehicle safety inspections
Training & Team Briefing Apps
Apps to record team training and briefings completed
Asset Defect Apps
Apps to defects to existing and newly installed assets
Signing, Lighting & Guarding Apps
Apps to on site signing, lighting and guarding of work area
Job Scheduling & Completion Apps
Recording job, installation, backfill & reinstatement
Pipe Line Mapping & Topography Apps
Recording pipeline locations, topography, risks & land line

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