Delivering Real-Time Critical Safety Messages

Inform Software

Delivering critical safety messages to your workforce at the right time with the right content is critical for continuous safety improvements. Keeping everyone informed of safety imperatives, notices and alerts is crucial to keeping every single worker safe.


The Acumen Inform software platform opens up new opportunities for your business to improve:


-   How safety messaging is conducted across your organisation.
-   The real-time alerting of safety critical messages.
-   The sharing and distribution of safety notices and imperatives.


At the heart of the Acumen Inform Software is a platform that allows you to cross multiple devices and technologies so that you can deliver your messages to your workforce. The Acumen Inform software will allow messaging across SMS, Push, Local Alerts, Cloud, Email and Web Messaging - all from a single interface.

Keeping Your Workforce Aware

Delivering critical safety messages to inform, protect and guide has been difficult to achieve with traditional HSEQ software.


Acumen Inform software gives you new capabilities to message anyone, on any device at any time and in any location. With a fully integrated platform that allows messaging and alerting from mutliple sources, including:


-   Instant user driven safety messages.
-   Automated messages from third party data feeds.
-   Self managed distribution triggered by safety events.



Never be restricted by your work force technologies - Acumen Inform will deliver your messages to everyone!