Dynamic Safety Monitoring of Future Risks

Future Risk Monitoring

Environment driven safety events are the only safety aspects we have no control over. But with the right software you can avert incidents by being informed and aware of up and coming potential environmental risks.

With Acumen Environment Safety Monitoring software you will finally have the solution you require that will deliver the insight and awareness of upcoming safety risks so that you can take the appropriate action to mitigate the incidents. Acumen software will keep you informed of:

-   Weather forecasts including heat, rain and wind.
-   Dust and sand storms.
-   Humidity readings.
-   Local data feeds from installed monitoring equipment.
-   Incident data from HSEQ software.

Acumen ESM will consolidate all your data feeds and reveal upcoming safety incidents to avoid.

Data, Data And More Data

Legacy HSEQ software has many limitations including the inability to capture automated data feeds from different sources and present warnings, alerts and awareness to businesses wanting to avoid safety incidents.


Acumen Environment Safety Monitoring software is revolutionising the industry with it's intelligent integration interface and AI driven predictive engine that gives you the data insights and awareness needed to avoid future safety incidents.

Fully customisable and tailored to your specific need - you will now have the tools you require to avoid environment safety events and keep your workforce safe.