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Corporation Utilises AcumenMobile to Track and Publish Documents to Field Staff

With over 200 field based staff, this case study covers a business utilising AcumenMobile to track content, files and business information to field based staff using a host of mobile devices.

Company ABC operates out of a central head office based in London with 200 field-based staff located across the UK who use Blackberrys and PDAs throughout their working day. Access to internal systems and documents is normally completed after working hours via a VPN connection or email via their mobile devices.

Company ABC have a continuous training and safety training programme for all field-based employees. A key requirement for the HR department is to track the reading and acknowledge of training and safety documents sent out to employees. This process was a manual time consuming process. Therefore, two major problems faced the HR and Training Department within Company ABC:

- The ability to publishing documents for field-base staff to access digitally without having to produce paper copies.
- Tracking employees reading and accessing of the training documents once received.

AcumenMobile Document Tracking and Collaboration Software was tested for 30 days with a sample of training documentation. After a successful test period, the software was deployed across all the field-based employees as the central mechanism for distributing and tracking HR training and safety documents.

Key Business Benefits

- Key business documents can be published to mobile-based staff using PDA's and Blackberries for real-time access.
- Reading and access of key business documents can be tracked through AcumenMobile.
- Costs of maintaining VPN accesses and manual processes reduced.
- Reduction in time and costs of employees having to access documents outside of working hours.


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