Asset Management Software

Are you faced with any of these problems:


- Not knowing the state of your business assets?

- Need to improve the security of business assets?

- Need to inspect assets on a regular basis?

- Need to understand the health of your assets?


If you have answered yes to any of these problems, then Acumen Asset Management Software can help!


Acumen Asset Management Software will deliver complete transparency of your business assets - allowing you to monitor, control and manage assets from one unified software platform.


Inspect, check, monitor, map, control and view asset information in real-time. No more batch processing or paper work to complete. Acumen Software will take care of everything you need for your assets.

Asset Management Software

Do you want to control and manage your assets with complete transparency of condition, history and maintenance?


Acumen Asset Management Software will deliver complete control for your business.

  • - Asset Registers
    - Asset Health Checks
    - Surveys & Inspections
    - OM Maintenance Management
    - Assigned Defects & Remediation Works
    - Dashboards & MI Reporting
    - Risk Ratings & Deteriation Management
    - Content Management System
    - Site, Project & Delegation

  • Straight out of the box on web, desktop, Apple & Android or configured to integrate with SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Services, Microsoft BI or AWS. Dedicated hosting or AWS hosting to meet your specific business needs.


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