Software to Improve Safety, OM,
Compliance & Performance

Software toolkit for Utility, Construction & HSE Industries

Acumen Improve-Safety Software
At Acumen, we are bringing Safety & Wellbeing Software to everyone!

To help you improve safety & wellbeing, the Acumen ImproveSafety software provides access to government, regulatory and best practice standards as easy to use digital templates on Android, Apple and Web.

Acumen ImproveSafety software is ideal for contractors, SME and organisations wanting a totally standalone solution.

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Acumen Enterprise Software
Enterprise class software for Site Safety & Asset Management.

Our enterprise class software has been used by over 100,000 users processing in excess of 300 million records that has helped to improve the safety of engineers and workers on construction sites, streetworks and depots for over 10 years.

Acumen Enterprise software is ideal for organisations looking for a fully customisable solution that integrates with your systems.

Acumen solutions have been utilised in the UK, USA, Qatar and Europe.
Acumen Site Safety & Performance Software
State of the art safety management and performance software.

-HSE Safety Inspections
-Welfare Inspections & Checks
-Interactive Work Safety Compliance
-Risk assessments
-Non Compliance Management
-Action Rectification SLA Management
-Sub Contractor Actions
-Plant Inspections
-Safety Reviews
-Automated Defect Management
-Signing, Lighting & Guarding
-Virtual Supervisor and Remote Site Manager
Acumen Asset Management Software
Deliver control and management of your business assets.

-Asset Registers
-Asset Health Checks
-Surveys & Inspections
-OM Maintenance Management
-Assigned Defects & Remediation Works
-Dashboards & MI Reporting
-Risk Ratings & Deteriation Management
-Content Management System
-Site, Project & Delegation
-QR Code Creation & Use
-Real-Time Asset History
-Mapping, Schemas & Drawings
Software on Demand
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Your Trusted Software Partner
Acumen is trusted by businesses around the world to deliver robust software and great customer service. We are accredited to various ISO standards:

-ISO 9001
-ISO 27001
-ISO 45001
-ISO 14001